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Boliş Plastik was established in Kurtköy with the monthly production capacity of 50 tons LPDE recycled granules in 2009. Boliş Plastik that constantly renewing itself, developing investments in the context of environmental conscience and business quality, has reached the monthly production capacity of 800 tons recycled low density polyethylene in 2018. Many great product ranges are presented in our factory that has 10.000 m2 closed area and totally has 38.000 m2 area in Kütahya 1st Organized Industrial Zone; by using state of the art technology and  with youthful, dynamic and idealistic staff. Protection of natural resources, saving energy and decreasing the amount of waste Boliş Plastik adopts as essential principle by acting with the responsibility of being a LDPE recycling company. Boliş Plastik takes an active role in LDPE prices.  The main purpose of the production of recycled LDPE granules is to provide a healthier and safer environment for sustainable living for future generations by increasing the quality. We, who are open to innovation, develop ourselves constantly with the last technology production system. Boliş Plastik has identified the importance of the recycling as the basic principles of the company by taking on the responsibility of being a recycling company. Recycling is unquestionable in contributing to impact the country for the preservation of our natural resources and ensuring energy savings and reducing the amount of waste.Reprocessed LDPE pellets are produced from our experienced staff in our factory that equipped with the latest technology.

Boliş Plastik


İstanbul Ofis :
Esentepe Mah. Milengaz Cd. Monumento Kartal No:75/A D:52-53 Kartal / İSTANBUL


Kütahya Fabrika :
Kütahya OSB 11. Cadde No: 6/1 Merkez / KÜTAHYA